Domaine Léon Barral, one of those names with a strong philosophy

The Léon Barral domain, managed by Didier Barral since 1990, is one of those emblematic names with a strong philosophy, sometimes viewed with curiosity, often a precursor, but always commanding respect. It is this value that gives the work and the wines of the Léon Barral domain their identity. Respect for the terroir, the soil, the ecosystem, the fruit, the life: from the vineyard to the cellar, Didier guides Barral rather than dictates.

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Located in Lenthéric in the commune of Cabrerolles in the Hérault, the Léon Barral estate produces red and white wines in the Faugères or IGP Pays de l'Hérault appellation on a 100% schist terroir. This Languedoc figure grows small plots of old vines between 30 and 80 years old, with a fairly low yield of about 25 hectoliters per hectare.


Environmentally friendly farming techniques

Didier Barral is one of the pioneers of environmentally friendly farming techniques and rather natural wines. His philosophy goes even further than biological and many biodynamic properties. He has introduced mixed farming on his vineyard with about 70 cows and more than 30 black pigs living among the vines. He also uses 3 types of fertilizer to improve the soil on his plots and certainly no chemical products.


The desire to produce healthy wine

In the cellar, the philosophy remains the same, the desire to produce a healthy wine with the identity of its terroir takes precedence over everything else. For example, these Languedoc wines are very little marked by wood (when used they are certainly not new barrels), the macerations are often done with the stems if the maturity of the latter allows.

No extraction and for the macerations it’s native yeasts that do the job. The use of sulphites is also very limited, a slight addition during bottling. However, the ripening potential is there, with vintages that can be stored for more than 10 years under the right conditions.


Terroir of 100% schist in Faugères

The wines of the Léon Barral estate are characterized by a lot of freshness, fine tannins and a beautiful maturity thanks to this special terroir of 100% schist in Faugères. They are both terroir wines and, without exaggerating, wines made by an artist that you should definitely discover.



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